11 Great Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books to Read in April 2022


Another month has passed. April may have rushed off with all the speed of a bullet train, but it left a host of great books in its wake. This month may have been the best month of 2022 so far in terms of the volume of great fantasy and sci-fi books hitting shelves. Of course, there are only so many hours in the day, and it’s easy to miss some of them.

Therefore, it is our solemn duty to collect some of these great fantasy and sci-fi books that you should know. From Nordic fantasies to magical towns and sentient spaceships, there’s plenty of nerdy goodness to peruse in these novels and collections of short fiction.

sharp faith by David Dalglish

David Dalglish is a steadfast fantasy writer with over 25 novels to his name. sharp faith is his last work and the first part of the wandering gods trilogy. It follows the dispossessed Prince Cyrus and his comrades as they attempt to spark a revolution in a fantasy world filled with gods, magic, and political turmoil.

But fighting back against an empire that has conquered most of the known world is no easy task, and it comes at a high cost for young Cyrus. As he hones his new skills as an assassin and gets to know the various members of his band of revolutionaries, he is forced to make impossible decisions in order to keep the fallen gods of his people alive.

sharp faith has a very strong group dynamic that will feel instantly familiar to any fan of games like Final Fantasy. The band is a big part of the fun here, and Dalglish does a great job of making every member of Cyrus’ crew feel as real as anyone you know. (Except they can do magic and fight bands of soldiers.)


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