22 of the Best Fiction Books to Read in 2021


The best fiction books offer a fantastic way to unwind, giving us a chance to lose ourselves in a new story every time. In our roundup of the best, we’ve included fiction books from a range of genres, including thrillers, historical, romance and more.

While we love reading about the lives of real people in the best non-fiction books, there’s something special about exploring a fictional world on your own. With the best fiction books, you can bring the world inside the book to life in your own head. And these titles all offer this irresistible mix of believable characters, compulsive plots, entertaining dialogue and exquisite prose.

Whether you’re looking for one of the best romance books to lose your heart, crave adventure, feel brave enough to lose yourself in a ghostly tale, or yearn for a book that will wring your heart, there will be a title for you in our list. The only tough decision to make is which of these fictional tales to read first. So grab a book, or your best e-reader, and dive into it…

The best fiction books to read in 2022


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