Baku Book Fair brings together international publishing houses [PHOTO]


By Laman Ismayilova

The 8th Baku International Book Fair has started at the Baku Expo Center, reports Azernews, citing Azertac.

More than 60 foreign organizations from more than 10 countries, 118 local publishing houses and companies are represented at the book fair organized by the Ministry of Culture.

At the opening ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Ahmadov congratulated all readers on the occasion of a book festival. He said that book fairs have become a tradition in Azerbaijan.

Noting that the book has a human value, he highly appreciated the holding of such events in the country.

“Books occupy a great place in the acquisition of knowledge and habits of a person. They associate all human achievements with the book. It is impossible to imagine the development of human society without books. Now, the book competes for its survival in the electronic world. The Azerbaijani state and society treat science with great respect. Today, the country’s printing press is at the center of state attention,” Ali Ahmadov said.

He pointed out that thanks to the attention and care of President Ilham Aliyev, international book fairs and other international events are held at a high level in the country.

Speaking at the event, Culture Minister Anar Karimov stressed the importance of the book fair.

He said the Baku International Book Fair aims to increase interest in books and promote a culture of reading.

The large-scale event introduces readers to digital innovations in publishing and supports the development of the book industry sector and modern literary processes in the country.

The Minister noted that the Baku International Book Fair, which has a 15-year history, is considered one of the main events in the country, which is welcomed by society with great interest and is distinguished by its large number of attendees.

“The difference of the 8th Baku International Book Fair from other previous years is that it is organized in a larger format. Of course, the previous edition of the book fair was a turning point in the industry Azerbaijan has already gained experience in this field which meets the new world standards. But the difference between this year’s book fair and last year’s is that the number of publishers and subjects of the book industry, in general, is almost 30-40% higher than last year.For the first time, Turkey is participating in our country’s book fair as a guest of honor said Anar Karimov.

He also noted that the 8th Baku International Book Fair is dedicated to the Year of Shusha in Azerbaijan and all book constructions and products are decorated with the symbols of the cultural capital. Anar Karimov added that 40 book publishing houses from Turkey and 4 publishing houses from Russia, Iran and Uzbekistan were invited to the book fair.

In total, more than 110 book publishers are expected. Quite famous guests from Turkey and other countries were also invited. Guests include Ilbar Ortaylı, Fatih Erdogan, Khasiyet Rustam and many more.

In his speech, Anar Karimov spoke about the “Let’s go to Karabakh with a book” campaign.

A campaign “Let’s go to Karabakh with a book” will be carried out within the framework of the 8th Baku International Book Fair.

Around 93,212 books have been collected to date as part of the project initiated by the Ministry of Culture.

“On the last day of the book fair, the organizing committee will select the winners in the “Best Publishing House” and “Best Book” nominations. The publisher, which ensures the release of the best book, dedicated to Shusha, in terms of content and polygraphy, will receive a commemorative badge, established on the occasion of the 270th anniversary of Choucha,” the minister said.

Turkish Deputy Culture and Tourism Minister Serdar Cam hailed the friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

“We constantly exchange partnerships in any field together. In recent years, a large number of books with different titles have been published in Turkey,” Serdar Cam said.

Emphasizing that book fairs unite the past and the present, the writer and the readers in one place, the Deputy Minister expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to the organization of the event.

Chairman of the Azerbaijani Writers’ Union, popular writer Anar Rzayev spoke about the role of books in the life of society. He said that books are one of the main concepts at the center of society, books are culture.

“It is very important to create a love for books in children from an early age. Research shows that children who read more books from an early age, as well as children whose parents read more books, do better in school later in life. This shows once again how important books are in our lives as a means of reading,” he said.

He noted that more than 200 events, including master classes for children and adults, presentations of books on inclusion and other relevant topics, book signings, lectures, symposiums, reading hours and music are organized as part of the book fair.

The writer informed the ceremony of the events that will be held as part of the book fair. The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism will organize a series of events for book lovers in Baku. World famous Turkish writers, historians, scientists and actors take part in the book fair.

The 8th Baku International Book Fair will last until October 9.

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