Bell & Bain in Ricoh First Book Printing


Scottish pound printer Bell & Bain became the first European pound printer to take a Ricoh Pro VC60000 for an investment of over £ 1million.

It is also the first printer in Scotland to take the High speed inkjet system launched in 2014.

The 186-year-old Glasgow-based team will bring the machine in at the end of August and put it into service by September. It’s intended as an addition to its digital fleet, although its Fujifilm Jet Press 540W, purchased in 2013, will now take a back seat, according to chief executive Stephen Docherty.

“We had a good preview and I wanted to get the Ricoh because I thought it was the most consistent quality. I wanted to test a few technologies in the market, which I did, but none of them came close at all, ”Docherty said.

“Bell & Bain is all about our customers and we are a large newspaper printer as well as a book printer which is a different consideration for us. Normally for these jobs we print on 70gsm coated paper and it is difficult to get inks on these papers, but the Ricoh handles it perfectly.

“There’s nothing quite as close to the litho, nothing, but what you have to try to do is get the best so the customer gets exactly what they want. We can easily print 250 litho copies as easily as digital so we have this fantastic innovation, but Bell & Bain is a quality printer and we want quality digital. I’m very excited about this because it’s a huge decision, the hardest decision to make.

The machine is intended for high volume production, printing at speeds of up to 120 m / min, capable of producing up to 40 million prints per month. With a tape width of 165mm to 520mm, it features multi-drop inkjet heads that produce 1200 dpi quality.

It also comes with Ricoh’s TotalFlow BatchBuilder, which automates digital production at short notice. Docherty said he considered setting up the machine with a pre-coater, but decided it was cheaper to use press pretreated papers.

He added: “The market is adrift; he doesn’t know where he wants to be, but what I can say is I know that when I print, I won’t have to worry about it. Make my life easier, that’s the goal.

Having invested over £ 1million in April in a finish first in the world, Bell & Bain, 129 employees, intends to increase its turnover by £ 13.4million to more than £ 1million by the end of next year. Docherty said the next big investment would likely be a new four-color press in 2018. It currently operates a Heidelberg lithographic press and four KBA presses, including a four-back and four-back Rapida 145. installed at the end of 2015.

Earlier this year, Ricoh announced the details of its VC40000, which is intended to be between the VC60000 and its low volume IP5000. It will start shipping in the fourth quarter of 2017.


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