Black Sands Comics Publishing House Tops Latest Fundraising Effort, Raises Over $124,000


Not vexed by wary investors, black-owned comic book publisher Black Sands Entertainment has raised more than 12 times the funds in its latest push to grow the business.

The company is best known for its comic book publishing, developing animated comics at Black Sands Studios, and offering an app for families looking for strong black characters. Qualifying as one of the first comic book companies of its kind in the country, Black Sands has taken off quickly since its inception by a husband and wife. Manuel Godoy and Geiszel Godoy in 2016.

Based on the Kickstarter funding platform, Black Sands has raised over $124,000 out of a goal of $10,000 as of June 26. This means the company has significantly exceeded its baseline goal of raising $10,000 by July 9 to begin production on the anniversary editions of its comic. The company reported that it reached the fully funded goal in one minute and raised $100,000 in one day.

Manuel Godoy claims that to his knowledge of other black comic book brands, Black Sands is the first to achieve this latest achievement on Kickstarter.

Godoy says selling the anniversary editions is the first ambitious goal.

“We’re 40% sold out of limited edition anniversary prints,” he said.

“Our expected sale should take place a few days before the end of the campaign. First of all, we want to sell the anniversary editions so that our fans can have collectibles.

Godoy said he was confident the company would achieve its first ambitious goal. He says there’s usually a quiet period in the middle of the campaign, then a frenzy at the end.

He explained that if the company reaches $250,000 in fundraising, it will produce Black Sands seven through 11 animated comics on Black Sands Entertainment’s YouTube channel, which he says already has two million views.

“To excite the fans, we will be having a casting call for our fan base to audition to be cast as a character in these episodes.”

He added that if the company raises $400,000, it will produce 12-16 Black Sands animated comics on its YouTube channel and hold a casting call again, giving fans another chance to be cast in one of the episodes of Black Sands.

So why has there been such an impressive response to the fundraising campaign? Godoy replied, “Having a base customer base is key. I know from past experiences that you shouldn’t rely too much on Instagram and TikTok. I have a mailing list of 150,000 people. All are customers, investors, fans and patrons.

Godoy says the funds raised will be used to print anniversary editions of Black Sands comics, produce the remainder of the Black Sands animated comics season, and provide more opportunities for release deals under the label.

Black Sands has seen many groundbreaking achievements since its launch. For example, earlier this year the Godoys secured a $500,000 investment on shark tank with Kevin Hart and Marc Cuban for their business. Black Sands has grossed a total of 200,000 print copies sold, with sales of $2 million since its debut.


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