Blissful Ignorance is a must-read for sci-fi fans


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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – February 23, 2022) – Author Jaylen Wilson continues to captivate audiences with her debut novel, blessed ignorance. Combining sci-fi elements with the action of adventure, Wilson’s work is a refreshing take on the genre that explores the toxic nature of power, whether misplaced or wielded with the best of intentions.

Blissful Ignorance book cover

blessed ignorance opens in 2030 after the death of Levar Busara, a visionary known for inventing the Striders, the world’s first true androids. With the loss of the eldest Busaras, their children Naaji and Jabari are left to mourn while stepping away from creating a magnum opus to rival that of their late father. However, the young inventors soon find themselves entangled in a bloodthirsty secret society that wants their life’s work. Naaji and Jabari must take a stand against the odds to save not only themselves, but the world as they know it.

Themes centered around the corrupting nature of power will resonate with fans of The hunger Games and Claudia Gray challenge the stars trilogy. With the plot of an unstoppable foe and the intricate nuances of a brilliantly blessed and cursed family, blessed ignorance will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Reviewers describe blessed ignorance as a “masterpiece”, rating Wilson highly in both storytelling and artistry. This true star of a promising young black author confirms what is already clear to readers – that Jaylen Wilson is a writer to watch. When asked to reflect on his work, Wilson notes that blessed ignorance talks about the importance of heart, honor and respect in a lawless and dangerous world.

blessed ignorance is available for purchase at or wherever books are sold. Sequels are currently in development.

Jaylen Wilson is the famous author of blessed ignorance. After launching a brilliant publishing career at the age of 19, he continues to follow his passion for fiction. Wilson lives and writes in New Jersey. Follow him on Instagram at @jayboognohood.

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