Dr. Anthony Fauci Editions of Children’s Books June: Simon & Schuster

  • A children’s picture book on the life of Anthony Fauci, America’s top doctor, is scheduled for release in June.
  • It is written by Kate Messner and based on interviews with Fauci. Simon & Schuster is the publisher.
  • It tells the story of Fauci’s life, from his childhood in Brooklyn to working with seven US presidents, Messner said.

A children’s book on the life of Dr Anthony Fauci, the leading national expert on infectious diseases, is expected to be published on June 29. publisher Simon & Schuster said on Sunday.

The book, titled “How a Boy from Brooklyn Became America’s Doctor,” will detail Fauci’s life from his childhood in New York to medical school, eventually working alongside seven US presidents, including President Joe Biden, the editor said.

“His immigrant father and grandfather taught Anthony to ask questions, to take all data into account and never give up – and Anthony’s ability to stay curious and connect with people will serve him throughout his life. “, he added. the description of the book says.

Kate Messner, the author of the book, told CNN Business that “before Tony Fauci was the American doctor, he was a kid with a million questions, everything from tropical fish in his bedroom to things he was taught in Sunday school.”

The book is based on Messner’s interviews with Fauci, as well as Fauci’s public appearances, she said. It is illustrated by Alexandra Bye, freelance illustrator. Messner revealed the book’s cover on Twitter on Sunday.

“I knew I was asking someone who was literally one of the busiest people in America for time as they provided public health advice during the worst of the pandemic, but I also knew that the Dr Fauci understands how essential education is in public health, ”said Messner CNN Affairs.

The book includes facts about how COVID-19 vaccines work and Fauci’s advice for future scientists, according to its description.

“I really hope that the curious children who read this book – the ones we rely on to solve the scientific challenges of tomorrow – will see themselves in the pages of Dr Fauci’s story and set their goals just as high,” added Messner.

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