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In Kurt Boone’s Art Book Publishing Workshop, you’ll learn the process of publishing your own book. Kurt Boone the author of over 15 independently published books. It will explain every step of the publishing process from the initial idea, manuscript development, book design, printing resources, co-publishers, sales, marketing, promotion, and some crowdsourcing methods to fund your projects. of books. Each student in the workshop will leave with a step-by-step guide to publishing their books.


Kurt Boone has been independently publishing books for over 20 years. and has published over 20 books. Some of his most popular titles are ‘Asphalt Warrior: The Story Of New York City Fastest Messenger’, ‘Looking For Myself’ Poetry by Kurt Boone, ‘The Culture Of Messenger Bags’ and ‘Fresh Plywood NYC: Artists Rise Up In Age Of”. Black Lives Matter”. His books can be found in many libraries, including the Library of the Museum of Modern Art, the Library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture, the Library of the Cornell University and others. His website is www.kurtboonebooks.com


Welcome to Emergence Arts Collective, a safe space where creatives can share resources and experiences, uplift each other through great challenges in our labors of love, and continue to inspire art and wonder in our communities.

Kelly M. Coffey is a photographer, creative healing life coach, and founder and director of Emergence Arts and vedhead Photography.

What has been a lifelong passion for bringing the arts to the masses is now my life mission. Art and photography are healing practices that I have used to explore and realign my values ​​and meditate, contemplate and process life lessons. Art is an expression of vulnerable communications and can be used to facilitate difficult but much needed conversations.

Art can be culinary, musical, fashion, yoga, print or spoken, as well as photography, performance, dance and filmmaking. Art allows us to be as weird as we want, to reconstruct our ideas – the ideas of who we are, how we identify with ourselves, what our relationship is with the people we meet, and pave the paths ahead of us. Art is a lifeline. It helps clear the mind, spirit and heart to create space for all things fresh and new. There is power in the organized collective – Peace is mission. Are you ready to express yourself?

Donations are always encouraged and welcome to help support living artists. What we do is a labor of love and often surrounded by misconceptions that artists don’t work very hard, but we do. We work very hard to bring inspiration and hope back to the world.

Please support living artists by donating if you can. Every penny goes to keeping most events free, but still fun, educational, inspiring, and helpful! We promote safe spaces for community artists and business owners to thrive. My share goes directly to supplies for introducing artists and galleries, mentoring and coaching artists in their careers, paid marketing, creating paid jobs and residencies for artists and mentors, and even more.

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