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This is assessed accordingly when lending. Banks do not evaluate parental allowance when making their decision, because it is attachable. Car loan with parental allowance is only problematic if proof of creditworthiness is achieved without parental allowance. http://kruzertrailers.com/bad-credit-car-auto-loans-find-auto-loan-bad-credit/ for a critique

The self-explanatory immediate check does the rest.

Why doesn’t parental allowance count?

Why doesn

Parental allowance is a social benefit that is granted by the state after maternity leave. It is clearly below the income that the receiving parental allowance paid in advance and is also limited in time.

All aspects that speak against parental allowance when borrowing. To make matters worse, no one knows exactly how to proceed after receiving parental allowance. Most women plan to go back to work afterwards. However, it remains to be seen whether this will really succeed and whether the income previously achieved can be achieved again. Because nobody knows what time will bring, how the child will develop and what pitfalls the future holds. For this reason, car dealerships and banks are reluctant to grant a car loan with parental allowance.

You are well aware of the limitations that come with it. With a little bit of support, a lot can be achieved.

How can remedy be achieved?

How cn remedy be achieved?

If the car loan with parental allowance is taken out together with a guarantor, for example, the situation is very different again. A solvent guarantor who brings the desired income with him can save the loan and enable it to be taken out on good terms.

It would also be possible to take out the car loan with parental allowance in good time. For example, if this is applied for before taking parental leave, the bank knows nothing of the upcoming parental allowance, because regular proof of income can then still be submitted.

However, this “trick” only works if the loan is taken out online. If you audition on site, you will probably have trouble hiding the baby bump.

Car loan with parental allowance provider

Car loan with parental allowance provider

If you are working with a guarantor or if you order a car loan with parental allowance in good time, many providers recommend the loan. Because then almost every loan offer can be used. No matter whether regular car loan or the installment loan without a specific purpose. The selection is wide and a comparison should show which offer is most suitable.

If the vehicle is not to be used as security, then it is worth investing in a simple installment loan. Here the bank does not have to be told what the money from the loan is used for. In addition, you can act as a cash payer at the dealership, which sometimes enables one or the other USD discount.

Car loan with parental allowance – admission

Car loan with parental allowance - admission

A comparison should always be made before signing a loan agreement. Our comparison calculator helps and shows the most diverse loan offers. Sorted neatly according to effective interest and other conditions, so that a very simple and effective comparison can take place.

With an online loan, it is important that all documents can be quickly transferred to the bank. The borrower should therefore be able to find a scanner so that the documents can be scanned and exchanged by data transfer. Of course, a transfer by post would also be possible. However, this would take up unnecessary time.

As a rule, the money from the loan is available within a few days. It is either paid out directly to the borrower or it goes straight into the car purchase. Depending on the type of loan the borrower has chosen.

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Jenny Credit and creditor – check how they differ http://bookies-bonus24.info/jenny-credit-and-creditor-check-how-they-differ/ http://bookies-bonus24.info/jenny-credit-and-creditor-check-how-they-differ/#respond Sun, 29 Dec 2019 22:04:08 +0000 http://www.bookies-bonus24.info/2019/12/29/jenny-credit-and-creditor-check-how-they-differ/ ( more... )]]>

A delay in repayment of a loan, loan or other liability causes that the creditor begins to demand payment. What are his rights regarding collection? What tools can he use to collect his debts? What makes him different from a court Jenny Credit?

What does the creditor do?

money cash

If the debtor does not settle the obligation, the creditor is the first to contact him in this case. In the absence of payment, in accordance with Polish law, he can launch specific procedures to recover money. At first, these may be so-called prompts, i.e. letters, e-mails and telephones calling for immediate payment. The creditor usually carries out this so-called soft debt collection himself, at least for some time. At any stage, he may decide to refer the matter to the debt collector – then he will take care of the debt collection activities.

After 30 days from the date on which the benefit became due, the creditor has the right to enter the debtor in the registers kept by the economic information bureaus. It is possible if the amount of his debt is at least USD 200 or 500 (if the debtor is an entrepreneur). When collecting debt, the creditor must comply with applicable laws and the rights of the debtor. If he persistently demands a claim and has not yet brought an action, the debtor can accuse him of violating personal rights and demand compensation. Therefore, after several unsuccessful requests for payment and a warning about an entry in the BIG register, he should refer the case to court.

What does the Jenny Credit do?

money cash

As the above passage proves, the creditor has many tools and rights at his disposal to allow him to recover the debt. If he takes legal action and his claims prove justified, the court will issue a judgment together with an enforcement clause, ordering the debtor to settle the debt.

Conducting judicial enforcement, i.e. taking action to collect a claim for a creditor, is the Jenny Credit’s most important task. Such a public official is therefore “only” a guarantor of the enforceability of a court judgment. He enforces the amount of money indicated in the judgment, but does not examine the correctness or correctness of the existing obligation. The Jenny Credit only verifies the application in formal terms, so it checks whether it has an enforceable title and whether it has been properly drawn up and signed. If everything is correct, he proceeds to execute. At this stage, the debtor may begin to pay back the debt and possibly negotiate the terms of repayment – he is no longer entitled to raise the objection that the debt does not exist or was incorrectly accrued.

Debt collection company and Jenny Credit

money cash

Many people identify the Jenny Credit with the debt collector, and at best assign him similar rights. How is it really and how does it matter to the debtor? When the case goes to a Jenny Credit, the debtor has few options. He is also required to cover the costs of Jenny Credits. Sometimes it is also possible to pay the debt to the creditor without the Jenny Credit, but also then additional fees for enforcement actions occur.

In the case of a debt collection company it is completely different: it seeks to reach an amicable settlement with the debtor. If only the latter is willing to cooperate, the debt collector will agree to spread the debt into installments – the amount of which will be adjusted to the financial possibilities of the debtor.

In practice, the debt collector has the same debt collection tools as the creditor. It sends reminders to the debtor, negotiates debt repayment terms with him or warns him about the possibility of entering debtors in the registers. If the action taken is unsuccessful, he can go to court. At this stage, his role ends and begins – the action of the Jenny Credit.

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Reasons to pawn a vehicle instead of selling it http://bookies-bonus24.info/reasons-to-pawn-a-vehicle-instead-of-selling-it/ http://bookies-bonus24.info/reasons-to-pawn-a-vehicle-instead-of-selling-it/#respond Sat, 21 Dec 2019 22:17:46 +0000 http://www.bookies-bonus24.info/2019/12/21/reasons-to-pawn-a-vehicle-instead-of-selling-it/ ( more... )]]>

When we have a car, it is clear that we have one of our main belongings, both for economic reasons and for practical utility, because cars give us great autonomy when it comes to moving. A car is really something valuable and is one of the things you can go to in case of urgent money needs to be able to sell . In this sense we think it is really good to sell your car in this type of situation, where one needs a certain amount and does not see a faster and more effective solution.

The fact is that there is another solution that can be very suitable and in which sometimes, many people do not think. Being able to continue driving the car, achieve that money you need and all with total comfort. In PrestoMisaga we will tell you.


Pawn a car or sell it

Pawn a car or sell it

One of the best ideas there is to sell your car and get the liquidity you are looking for easily and quickly. Anyway, pawning the car is even better. We start from something important, you will not part with it, since if you pay later you can have it again while you have the option to use it daily.


Do you want to know more reasons?

Do you want to know more reasons?

When the car is pawned, the user can get that money he needs quickly , so it will take less than an hour to get that answer you are waiting for. If you are looking for the sale of the vehicle, the safest thing is that you have to wait a certain time and all this is not what suits you. These types of loans can be requested by anyone who has a tourism.

The commitment of cars can continue driving tourism, which represents an advantage that you will not have if you sell the car and you will lose it. If so, if you find yourself in a hurry of an economic type, this is a most appropriate option, in which you get the money you want and you don’t have to put up with questions. The great flexibility that also exists in the car pawn industry makes it a most appropriate solution based on trying to respond to the needs of all the people who need urgent money.

When a person needs money urgently, what they need is a solution to their problems, not adding more to their situation. For this reason, the efforts of cars are increasingly seen in our country as a great way to respond to these situations in which things do not have to be complicated. You should only have a car that is less than 10 years old usually. The reason for this is that it has to have value, because in the end the commitment of the car is the guarantee that allows the company to be able to give you the money you need to solve your debts or emergencies of an economic nature. So you know, if you need any questions, we are here to help you.

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Loan Magazine Awards 2017 – main prize for Hapi-loan http://bookies-bonus24.info/loan-magazine-awards-2017-main-prize-for-hapi-loan/ http://bookies-bonus24.info/loan-magazine-awards-2017-main-prize-for-hapi-loan/#respond Thu, 12 Dec 2019 21:52:11 +0000 http://www.bookies-bonus24.info/2019/12/12/loan-magazine-awards-2017-main-prize-for-hapi-loan/ ( more... )]]>

The Loan Magazine Awards 2017 were handed out on February 8, 2018 at the Ibis Style Hotel in Wrocław. The largest representatives of the loan industry in Poland were present at the gala. Auctions were also organized during which gadgets with autographs of Polish sport stars could be auctioned off, and all proceeds from the auction were donated to the purpose chosen by the organizer.

The Loan Magazine Awards 

money cash

Two Loan Magazine Awards 2017 went to representatives of Parandasżyczki , a brand belonging to IPF Digital. We describe the loans in detail in the opinions section – see. Parandas loans received the main prize in the Installment Loan of the Year category. In addition, Joanna Izdebska, Global Sales & Marketing Director at IPF Digital, associated with the Parandasżyczki brand, won the main prize in the Woman of the Year category!

Categories and awards

150 applications have been submitted to the Loan Magazine Awards, in 14 categories such as:

1. Sales partner
2. Online sales partner
3. Debt collection partner
4. Supporting organization
5. Micro loan of the year
6. Installment loan of the year
7. Business loan of the year
8. Make of the year
9. PR Manager of the year
10. Marketing manager of the year
11. Woman of the year
12. Character of the year
13. Socially responsible 2017
14. The technological solution of the year FINTECH

In the Woman of the Year category, the main prize went to Joanna Izdebska, Global Sales & Marketing Director at IPF Digital, who is a specialist in sales, marketing, e-commerce, CRM and product management.

– The prize at the Loan Magazine Awards is a great honor for me. I am very pleased that I could be in such a great group – says Joanna Izdebska – I am glad that I could contribute to the development of loan institutions in Poland, and now I can transfer it to other markets – for the benefit of everyone.

The statuette in the category of Installment Loan of the Year was handed over to Przemysław Kamiński, Country Manager at IPF Polska.

– I am very happy that the hapi-loans received the award today. Last and current year, in terms of many awarded awards, showed us that we are developing in the right direction and that is what we want to go on in.

It is worth recalling that Hapi-loans were the most often awarded and awarded in 2017 loan company, included in the lists of independent financial platforms.

About Parandas loans

About Parandas loans

The company IPF Polska Sp. z o. o. offers non-bank long-term loans and its direct brand is Hapi-Loans, which offer long-term loans for customers looking for high loans for a long period of time – up to 36 months. The company IPF Polska was founded in December 2009. Since December 2014, it has been offering loans under the Hapipredit brand. IPF Digital operates in 8 countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Australia.

Loan Magazine

Loan Magazine is an online service that presents knowledge about the non-bank loans market and news from the loan industry. On Loan Magazine we can find various information from the world of non-bank loans and information on the development of companies in the loan sector. As emphasized by the creators of Loan Magazine, the website only promotes companies operating in accordance with applicable principles of good practice. The idea of ​​responsible borrowing is very important for the creators of Loan Magazine.

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Fixed or floating interest rates – How it works http://bookies-bonus24.info/fixed-or-floating-interest-rates-how-it-works/ http://bookies-bonus24.info/fixed-or-floating-interest-rates-how-it-works/#respond Tue, 03 Dec 2019 22:32:11 +0000 http://www.bookies-bonus24.info/2019/12/03/fixed-or-floating-interest-rates-how-it-works/ ( more... )]]> A mortgage loan can have either a fixed or a variable interest rate. It is up to you to decide what you think is best for yourself. Here we will explain a little quickly and easily what this means with the different interest rates.

Fixed interest rate

Fixed interest rate

A fixed interest rate means that your interest rate is fixed for a fixed period. This means that the interest rate will not change during this time, but will remain at the same level throughout the bond period.

So if you have chosen a fixed interest rate and it is at 3% and you have chosen to fix it for 3 years then it does not matter if the floating interest rate goes up to 6% during that time because you still have 3%.

The most common fixing times for fixed interest rates are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 years and you can choose which one you want from them. Then when the maturity period is over, you get to renegotiate the loan and then you can choose to either re-bind it or change it to variable interest rates.

Variable interest rate

Variable interest rate

A variable interest rate is an interest rate that constantly adapts to the market. This means that one month you may have 3% for the next one with 4% in interest. However, it should be said that a variable interest rate is usually fixed at 3 months. Then, the interest rate does not normally change so quickly, but there are only small changes from month to month. It is going to something big in the world to create really fast interest rate changes.

If expectations are that interest rates will fall in the near future, the variable interest rate will initially be higher than the fixed rate. If, instead, you expect the interest rate to go up, the variable interest rate will be cheaper from the beginning than the fixed rate.

What to choose


It is difficult to say as the economic situation is constantly changing. Sometimes it is better with fixed interest rates and sometimes better with variable interest rates. What you can say as an advantage for fixed interest rates is that you always know how much you will be paid each month.

The big advantage of variable interest rates is that it often becomes cheaper. It has been shown, if you look at it purely historically, that it is usually cheapest with a variable interest rate.

But at the same time it may be that interest rates go up and then it becomes more expensive. It is not possible to say what is best, but it is a decision that each individual borrower must make according to the conditions on the market at the moment.

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Price comparison and facts for Loan and Credit http://bookies-bonus24.info/price-comparison-and-facts-for-loan-and-credit/ http://bookies-bonus24.info/price-comparison-and-facts-for-loan-and-credit/#respond Mon, 02 Dec 2019 22:53:22 +0000 http://www.bookies-bonus24.info/2019/12/02/price-comparison-and-facts-for-loan-and-credit/ ( more... )]]>

This lender also has mortgages – read more below. Apply for a loan Visit lendersIn 1871 it was founded, which today is Loan and Credit and the company currently operates in 22 different countries.

The main markets are Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the United Kingdom. Here in Sweden, they are considered one of the big banks and have products in all areas that they should.

Loans from Loan and Credit

Loans from Loan and Credit

It is possible, for example, to borrow money in the form of an ordinary private loan, but they also offer mortgages, car loans, leisure loans, etc. Furthermore, it is possible to have different forms of accounts such as savings account and bank account. Pension savings, payment and credit cards, shares, funds and the Internet bank are some additional services.

As we wrote, these are the classic loan types found at Loan and Credit. These are private loans, car loans, mortgages and leisure loans.

Something that differentiates Loan and Credit


From the other major banks when it comes to private loans is that instead of usually lending from USD 20,000 to USD 350,000, Loan and Credit “only” has a range of USD 30,000 – 150,000. Which means that it is not possible to get as large a loan without collateral with them as the others.

If you disregard this difference, no one is directly different when it comes to borrowing from Loan and Credit compared to any other bank. This means that as long as you have an economy that is under control which is a stable monthly income and not overly large other debts or payment notes, you will probably be able to borrow money from them. Of course, you must also be of legal age and reside in this country.

Loan and Credit offers the following types of services:

  • Private loans up to USD 150,000.
  • Mortgage loans
  • leisure loans
  • Card and account credit
  • Savings account, placement account etc
  • Payment and credit cards
  • Retirement Savings
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Pawn the car is an option increasingly used by the Spanish http://bookies-bonus24.info/pawn-the-car-is-an-option-increasingly-used-by-the-spanish/ http://bookies-bonus24.info/pawn-the-car-is-an-option-increasingly-used-by-the-spanish/#respond Tue, 22 Oct 2019 21:17:56 +0000 http://www.bookies-bonus24.info/2019/10/22/pawn-the-car-is-an-option-increasingly-used-by-the-spanish/ ( more... )]]>

The efforts of vehicles in Spain have become one of the favorite options to get money. There really is no other kind of loan that guarantees us when it comes to giving us the amount we need in such a quick and simple way. In the case of GestoriaMasaga, we offer Fast Credits with the car as collateral. We also take care of the necessary procedures, making all necessary arrangements.

If you need money quickly and do not know how you are going to get it, a good way is to decide on vehicle loans. In them you receive a fair amount, in record time and with the vehicle as the only guarantee. Keep reading and you will discover the simple steps to get money for your vehicle.


Steps when pawning your vehicle

Steps when pawning your vehicle

The commitment of a vehicle is a fast and comfortable process. It only needs three steps: contact a car pawn company, value tourism and formalize the pact. In addition, the loan conditions are most advantageous for the user, something you can check.


Contact with the car pawn company

car loan

The first step, as usual, is to contact the car pawn company that is closest to your home, this makes it easier for you to perform all the steps.


Vehicle pricing

Vehicle pricing

As soon as you contact us, it is time to proceed with the assessment of the vehicle you want to pawn. In this sense you will be able to be totally calm. The guarantee of the valuations we make on your tourism is total. At the moment that our appraisers offer you more money than another company dedicated to the commitment of cars you will have more than clear.


The conditions of fast credits

The conditions of fast credits

When the customer is happy with the conditions ,. The deal is closed. With us you don’t have to worry about the steps, because we do them. Always keep in mind that they are the most advantageous for the user. In this auto pawn company, we also let you drive your vehicle for the duration of the loan. Of course, keep in mind that vehicles that are committed should not exceed 10 years old. In case you need money urgently and you have a vehicle owned, it is worth resorting to the commitment of cars. As you can see it is an easy and comfortable process, so it is complicated that you can get money in better conditions than those offered with the commitment of cars.

So you know, if you need money urgently and see how the doors close, we can give you that financial help you need thanks to the commitment of cars. A formula that remains most appropriate to solve these types of situations. We hope this entry has been clarifying and does not leave you doubts when it comes to getting that liquidity that you need so much. You already know, contact us for any questions or questions, we will be happy to help you!

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