GQ’s best Indian non-fiction books in 2021: 20 extraordinary books from an extraordinary year


The world of sustainable fashion couldn’t be more disparate and tenuous than it is now. Stories of fashion brands camouflaging their unethical ways under the guise of sustainability are all too common. Shah’s activities here are noble. It gives us a vivid picture of almost all parts of India and its unique textile heritage, while also emphasizing the importance of sustainable fashion.

19. A coarse life: the memory

By Vir Sanghvi

The life of a journalist, especially in the pandemic world, has been limited to cowardly hacks and endless Zoom encounters. Sanghvi, however, is emblematic of the days when even a single article had the potential to topple governments, create fluctuations in high society, and shatter carefully crafted hierarchies. He writes candidly about his backstage interactions with everyone from Gandhis to the Beatles to the Clintons. With GQ, he also shared his process.

20. Lady Doctors: Untold Stories of India’s First Medical Women

By Kavitha Rao

Medicine and engineering may still be the only options available to the Indian student, but women in Indian history have had to go through thick and thin every step of the way to be able to pursue their passion for medicine. Rao unearths the extraordinary stories of six women from the 1860s to the 1930s, who challenged the idea that they were unfit for medicine because of their gender.


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