Grimes thinks social media makes it harder to read fiction books


Right now, social media is in chaos. More precisely, Twitter is in chaos: since Elon Musk became the official owner of the platform, he made changes, most of which were not well received. Most notably, verification is now a feature that users can pay for, which has led to funny/misleading posts from checked accounts posing as entities such as LeBron James and Nintendo.

On a somewhat related note, Grimeswho Musk has two kids with, just shared an interesting theory about social media and the impact it’s had on literature.

Last night, a Twitter user wrote: “Most of the time I don’t like to start non-fiction books (that aren’t sequels to books I’ve already read). That’s true even when I’m pretty sure I’m going to like the roughly 50-page book. I’ve tried skimming and that’s fine but it doesn’t really solve the problem. Anyone have any other ideas? Grimes replied, “I think social media has given us an emotional burnout from investing. We’re only supposed to know 150 people about how we’re supposed to emotionally invest ourselves to the extent that a novel requires. Was easier b4 all that. Non-fiction remains readable for this reason.

These social media thoughts are about Grimes’ closest comments on Musk’s takeover of Twitter, as she has yet to share any thoughts on the matter.


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