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Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. | ColoringBook.com St. Louis now offers hardback, hardback, laminated book editions, magazines, services and more.

Paying close attention to customer wants and needs, with an inclusive, non-partisan attitude, has helped our company get started in the hardcover business.

—N. Wayne Bell, Editor

SAINT LOUIS, MO, USA, Jan. 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Missouri-based Really Big Coloring Books®Inc | ColoringBook.com, located in St. Louis, now offers a range of hardcover, hardcover and laminated book editions, in addition to their periodicals, magazines, cards and more. A full editorial, pagination, layout and design service can be provided to each client. The company is known for publishing coloring books of all shapes, sizes and subjects, this week they are launching an additional website www.ColoringBooks.com outlining prices, details and services. Over the years, the company has developed relationships in our current publishing business and continues to expand into other segments of the industry, says publisher Bell, coloring books in general have been growing steadily since decades. We have the ability to produce print on demand services for all clients.

“Over the years, as our company released thousands of hardcover, glossy and laminated books, it became an opportunity to help people with their biographies, stories, educational books and more in hardcover or laminated products. hardback binding. We have invested in machinery that increases the service to include hardback binding, including full color storybooks. This includes specialty book products, print on demand, storybooks in color, hard covers. If we can’t do it all in-house, one of our publishing partners can do it,” said Wayne Bell.

“Putting ink to paper and giving our clientele what they want keeps us busy, our first book was published in 1981, we are entering our fifth decade of publishing with the arrival of 2022,” says Bell . The company specializes in books for the Internet, retail, fundraising, wholesale and custom books, including government publications. By paying close attention to the wants and needs of customers, with an inclusive and non-partisan attitude, our company ventures into the hardback business. Our employees are passionate about helping customers get what they want, attention to detail is a specialty of our company.”

Bell published his first book in 1981 and has been putting ink to paper ever since. He formed the Missouri Corporation, Really Big Coloring Books®Inc. in 1988 and the company moved to Canada in 1998. Purchase of www.ColoringBook.com and www.ColoringBooks.com Bell added approximately 1,600 other domain names related to coloring books to its domain library in eight countries. Most related to coloring books or musical products. Bell is married and lives in St. Louis, MO.

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