Limited Run Games Launches ‘Press Run’ Book Publisher

Image: Limited Edition / Nintendo Life

Limited Run Games has announced the launch of a book publishing brand called “Press Run”which aims to provide the greatest number of books on video games, including retrospectives, encyclopedias, etc.

Led by gaming experts Jeremy Parish (1Up Network, USgamer, IGN, Retronauts) and Jared Petty (IGN, Kinda Funny, Electronic Arts), Press Run will seek to launch at least one book per month, starting today with SNES Works: 1991 and The virtual boy is working by Jeremy Parish, alongside The Sunsoft Story: Volume 1 by Stefan Gancer. Future releases include NES Works: 1987 by Jeremy Parish and PlayStation: A Retrospective from the GameSpite team.

Here’s a look at what Limited Run Games has planned with its Press Run imprint:

Limited Run: The Complete Run Vol. I – 2015-16
Paperback ($24.99) and Hardcover ($54.99) – Available Now
The first volume in an ongoing series that will be an essential companion for game collectors and fans of Limited Run Games. The complete race offers a comprehensive overview of the company’s growing catalog from the very beginning, with color packaging photographs and scans, detailed text previews, screenshots and checklists of everything produced and sold by Limited Run Games.

NES Works 1987
collector’s edition, Paperback ($34.99), Hardcover ($39.99) – Available November 2022
A massive look at all the games that shipped for Nintendo’s 8-bit console during its breakthrough year, 1987. Everything you could want to know about timeless masterpieces like The Legend of Zelda, Punch !!and Castlevaniaas well as more esoteric titles like Arkanoid and Squadron. The definitive book on this essential slice of video game history!

The virtual boy is working
Paperback ($29.99) and Hardcover ($34.99) – Available September 29
A revised second edition of our comprehensive Virtual Boy retrospective. Contains detailed timelines, retrospectives, and photography of every game released in the US and Japan for Nintendo’s least popular (but arguably most fascinating!) system.

Sunsoft History Vol. I by Stefan Gancer
Paperback ($19.99) and Hardcover ($34.99) – Available September 29
An in-depth exploration of the history of one of gaming’s true creative powerhouses, Japanese publisher Sunsoft. From its origins as a textile company to its flagship titles for arcades and the NES, Sunsoft’s story is backed up by in-depth interviews and first-hand testimonials from the people behind the company!

PlayStation: A Retrospective
Paperback ($24.99) – Available October 2022
Back in print! This massive 400+ book is packed with essays, commentary and history, all centered around Sony’s very first console: the original PlayStation. Previously available only as a print-on-demand title and long out of circulation, this edition combines high-quality color printing with an affordable price for the first time.

All books will of course be available to order on the official Limited Run Games website.

Do any of these books tickle your fancy? Share your thoughts on Press Run in the comments below!


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