New Canadian Fiction Books by Genevieve Graham, Anne Lazurko

New Canadian Fiction Books for Summer 2022

For me, a definite summer means going to a cabin, swimming in the sparkling water of the lake, lounging on the dock and watching a beautiful sunset…and reading a good book while listening to the wind blow through the pines. If you’re like me and can’t imagine a summer without several great books, keep reading to discover new Canadian fiction books for summer 2022 for your enjoyment.

New Canadian Fiction Books for Summer 2022

Graham’s final novel begins during World War I in Belgium, where Canadian nurse Adele Savard tends to wounded Jerry Bailey. They soon discover that they are both from Windsor, Ontario, and a romance blossoms. Years later, returning from the war, Jerry and his brother John became involved in smuggling liquor from Windsor to Detroit during Prohibition. The story fast forwards to the present day where Cassie, a curator at a Windsor museum, meets a renovator who finds 100-year-old whiskey bottles hidden in the walls of her home. The author’s historical research is fascinating and the hospital scenes during World War I and later smuggling operations are vividly depicted. The book, however, would have benefited from a more concise edit as I noticed repetitive explanations of the characters’ stories. I also found the author’s method of providing historical facts by having one character explain the story of bootlegging to the other a little tedious. Overall though, it was an interesting read about a sensational period in Canadian history. Bluebird by Genevieve Graham is published by Simon and Schuster and costs $24.99.
ISBN No. 978-1-9821-5665-7

One of the new Canadian fiction books for summer 2022 that is on many most anticipated book lists is by Anne Lazurko What is written on the tongue. This is another book with a story that begins during World War II. The epic story follows Sam, a 20-year-old Dutch resident who is sent to a prison camp by the Nazis for evading conscription. After surviving harsh conditions at the camp and seeing the deaths of several friends, Sam manages to be selected to work on a farm before the Allies release him. A few years later, he was drafted and sent to the Dutch-colonized island of Java in the Dutch East Indies to control the uprising of the Indonesian independence movement. As Sam sees his Dutch comrades commit similar acts against the Indonesian people as the Nazis did before, we see Sam grappling with moral questions of right and wrong, as well as learning the loyalty of true friendship. This historical fiction novel is sometimes difficult to read due to the inhuman acts and extreme deprivations of war, but it also vividly presents the extreme capacity of the human spirit to love and hate its fellow human beings. What is written on the tongue by Anne Lazurko is published by ECW Press and costs $24.95.
ISBN: 978-1-77041-619-2

Essentials to take to the cottage include a good book like Mad Honey by Katie Welch.
Mad Honey by Katie Welch

If you love to read like me, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a good novel packed for the cottage. In crazy honey by Katie Welch, protagonist Melissa Makepeace farms in Lanark County, Ontario with her adoptive sister and mother. Melissa’s relationship with her mother, who is in Eat Pray Lovevacation type, is tense at best. Melissa is also troubled by the fact that her father has been missing for 12 years. On top of that, boyfriend Beck Wise, who is also the farm’s head beekeeper, goes missing for three months. When he returns, his explanation is another mystery for Melissa to solve. Welch’s writing is fluid, concise, and beautifully descriptive, and the characters are fully developed. I found myself imagining Melissa’s bucolic farmhouse as I read this well-paced story. crazy honey by Katie Welch is published by Wolsak and Wynn, $22.
ISBN: 978-1-989496-52-7

I didn’t think I would enjoy this book as much as I did and that’s because a strong female protagonist defied many of her society’s expectations. The story focuses on Theo, who is a master illusionist working on a circus train traveling through Europe during World War II. The train is frequently stopped by SS officers. He is accompanied by his daughter, Lena, who had polio as a child and cannot walk. Théo takes on an apprentice, Alexandre, who is a teenager with a secret past. A few surprising twists stirred up the excitement of the story. The main theme of Parikh’s novel is family secrets and the detrimental effect they can have on your future. The author challenges the reader to free themselves from the limitations of the past. The circus train by Amita Parikh is published by HarperCollins and costs $24.99.
ISBN No. 978-1-443-464994

I hope you enjoy your summer and have the chance to read new Canadian fiction books for 2022.

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