The 20 best historical fiction books to read in 2021



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For many readers (myself included), learning history can be a daunting task. But while many history books are teeming with dense detail, historical fictional novels transport readers to compelling stories set in the past. Using real or fictional characters to capture the scale and atmosphere of a memorable time, historical fiction offers readers the opportunity to learn about real events in a gripping way.

The best historical fiction books are well documented and accurately reflect the cultural norms of the time, allowing the author to create a plot and characters that could very well have been real. Some books take major historical events such as World War II to offer emotional stories that delve much deeper than a textbook, while others examine events that have been forgotten by many over time.

Whether you want to learn more about the unsung heroes of war or the devastating effects of slavery, historical fiction books can offer readers a captivating gateway to the past.

The 20 best historical fiction books of all time:



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