The 28 best historical fiction books to read in 2022


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  • Historical fiction books transport us back in time.
  • They captivate readers and shed light on an important moment in history.
  • Our recommendations range from historical fiction classics to new releases.

Books can transport us across galaxies and mythical lands. With historical fiction books in particular, we can be transported through time by characters who shed light on real events and stories that beg to be told. Our favorite historical fiction novels may highlight the hardships of refugees in the early 1900s or a family tale that spans generations, but they all use compelling characters and memorable storylines to bring the past to life.

To create this list of recommendations, we looked at readers’ favorite historical fiction books of all time, from new titles on bestseller lists to classics that consistently receive rave reviews on Goodreads. So whether you want to explore 12th-century England or a Pulitzer Prize-winning story about the Underground Railroad, here are some of the best historical fiction books to read in 2022.

The 28 Best Historical Fiction Books of All Time:


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