The 9 best women’s fiction books in 2022


Even in the year of our lord 2022 – and I too can’t believe we’re quickly approaching 2022 – much of what we see as the literary canon is male dominated. According to the VIDA Count, a nonprofit that tracks diversity in the literary landscape, the overwhelming majority of literary publications focused primarily on men’s books in 2019 (the last year for which we have data) . And by Nielson in collaboration with The Guardian, men are “disproportionately even to open a book written by a woman”. Which brings me to this: we have to talk about books written by women, not only to bridge the literary gender gap, but also because so many books written by women are so good. So, let’s start with this: a roundup of the best fiction by female, non-binary authors coming in 2022, just in case you need anything to look forward to. (And, let’s face it, who among us doesn’t?)

[Editor’s note: We’ve taken a cue from VIDA Count here to consider non-binary “an umbrella term which includes people who are nonbinary, agender, genderqueer, gender nonconforming, two-spirit, or another identity outside of the gender binary.”]


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