The best new non-fiction books for 2022 chosen by Stylist


2022 is set to be an incredible year for non-fiction. Whether you’re a fan of comedic writing, factual stories, or want something that evokes the visceral power of Lisa Taddeo three women, there’s a new wave of memoirs, essays, self-help guides, and investigative journalism to help you make sense of the world. Exploring how we can approach global issues while still finding hope in our personal lives, these books are smart and readable conversation starters.

This year’s non-fiction features highly anticipated new releases from Margaret Atwood, Kit De Waal and actor Minnie Driver; books that delve deep into the dark money-making tactics of influencers; practical ways to combat systemic racism; a first year insider experience of Covid-19; and the impact of society on the body, finances and economic situation of women.

There are also so many hopeful memoirs of funny and bright women, including journalist Sarah Hughes who sadly passed away last year, writer Jami Attenberg, screenwriter Abi Morgan and actress Sadia Azmat. Grace Lavery details her trans journey, Delia Ephron delightfully tells the unexpected story of love after grief, and Jonathan Joly reveals how invisible childhood friends gave her a safe space. There are also insightful thoughts on dealing with grief, rejecting hedonism for peace, and overhauling intersectional beauty. Basically, 2022 is a cornucopia of non-fiction sparkle. Enjoy …


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