The best non-fiction books to read in 2021


The best non-fiction books are just as compelling as our favorite fictional tales. Escaping to a make-believe world can be fun, there is so much to be said for delving into a story (or stories) that are rooted in truth and that share the realities of human experience – from loss to loss. love, etc. much more.

While we all love the best mystery books, the best historical fiction books, the best science fiction books, and the best love books, we also want to hear real stories that can teach us a real lesson and that can surprise us, challenge us, and comforts us in a way we know fictional stories can’t. And this collection of the best non-fiction books, from new and notable to year-round classics, offers something for every reader.

In this selection, there are books from famous icons – such as Stanley Tucci and David Attenborough – to stories of people like you and me doing amazing things. Our roundup covers all kinds of topics, with one pick examining the history of women’s oppression through art, while another deciphers the fascinating relationship between humans and their dogs, and another shares the story of a 2200 mile female solo voyage of discovery. All of them are entertaining, all of them have been expertly designed, and all will teach you a lesson you might not even know you had to learn. Now all you have to do is pull out your best eReader, download your favorite, and dive into …

The best non-fiction books to read


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