Three locals launch first comic book publishing company in Waco, new book


WACO, TX – More Waco Comics, the premier comic book publishing company, is here and ready to bring new heartfelt and fun stories to the community for everyone to enjoy.

“The stories of these characters are about self-healing, social awareness, things that are happening now and also having fun reading the stories. That’s what we’re looking for,” said the co-founder and writer, Joey Gonzales.

Getting to this point did not happen overnight.

“It’s just a lot of ups and downs throughout the process, but good times,” said Armando Ramirez, co-founder, illustrator and cover artist.

Gonzales says he quit his job in 2017 to fully focus on his passion for comics. He wanted to create his own universe and took his goal very seriously.

“Studying many books and writers from the past, learning what was great about the time and how we can create something unique for ourselves and for the reader.”

He then met Armando Ramirez and Danny Flores who also have a passion for comics. They teamed up, bringing their ideas and stories to life.

“2019, 2 years, we solidified everything,” Gonzales said.

Their hard work and dedication got them to where they are now: a comic book publishing company and their new comic book world, Plus Universe Alpha.

“We’re really excited to put this in people’s hands, we think everyone will love it, it’s for everyone,” said Ramirez.

Their first book, Plus Universe Alpha, is the starting point for 6 different titles that they will be releasing over the next four years.

The comic will be available in April. The good news is, you can check out some of their stories and pre-order not only the book, but also personalized commissions and even an original page from the book. Find this information here.

There is a limited time window, the campaign ends on November 22.

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